Our new health and wellness series, ‘WTF is…’, explains health and wellness trends in normal-people speak. This week we delve into the strange and wonderful world of Yoga In The Sky – and find out whether suspending yourself 100m in the air above the city helps with your downward dog.

I’m definitely the kind of person who needs motivation to work out; running on a treadmill for an hour just doesn’t cut it for this A.D.D. riddled 30-something, and I find myself abandoning the sesh within ten minutes of pressing the big green go button. So when I heard that Melbourne Star were running yoga sessions in their air conditioned pods, floating high above the Melbourne skyline, I had to give it a go.

Arriving at the big wheel clad in my best yoga pants, I realised that I’d actually never been inside the attraction that dominates the Docklands skyline – and I must say, the view from the top is better than you’d expect. It’s a pretty surreal experience, peering back through your legs in an inverted Warrior 2, and seeing skyscrapers and clouds. Very zen.

It was even raining for part of our session, but to be honest the sound of the drip-dropping just made me all the more relaxed – it was like a bonus Rainforest Soundscapes From The Amazon soundtrack. The pod feels like a private cocoon, and as you’re paired with only three other people per pod, it’s quiet and focussed without the distraction of *that* guy who is trying way too hard to touch his toes next to you.

Two full rotations of the wheel takes you through an almost-hour long session – that is, if you don’t get obsessed with taking the perfect sky-high yoga selfie. The tuition was excellent, hitting a combination of light and hard poses, and I definitely came out of the class feeling refreshed and relaxed. The view makes it all the more special too.

Well, there you go – now you know WTF sky high yoga is. You can book your own session over at the Melbourne Star website. Enjoy!

-Bianca O’Neill InstagramTwitter. Top image: provided by Melbourne Star. The writer was hosted by Melbourne Star for the purposes of review but this is not a paid placement.

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