Our new favourite local band Wharves is gearing up for the weekend (and the extra long weekend if you’re in Melbourne) – so they made us a weekend playlist. Check out the tunes below, along with why the band chose each one, and catch their brand new video for Love Decide below the beats.

Happy weekend!

  1. City Calm Down, Blood: Instant classic track by our idols CCD. Jack really goes for it with his gritty vocals – so excited for the new album!
  2. Rostam, Bike Dream: Amazing track we found through the song exploder podcast, 70s music of the future.
  3. Wolf Alice, Don’t Delete The Kisses: Beautifully captures a relationship from start to finish, and the neurotic re-writing of text messaging that happens in modern dating.
  4. Winston Surfshirt, Same Same: Hot damn! Our favourite track from their debut album Sponge Cake. The chorus hook gets stuck in my head for days.
  5. Cloud Control, Rainbow City: Such a well written song. Huge anthemic chorus with some incredible production.
  6. Holy Holy, True Lovers: Awesome synth sounds on this one, and am I hearing Brian May on this track?
  7. The Jungle Giants, Used To Be In Love: Mike works in a cafe where I select the tunes. This banger always makes the day go faster. The guitar hook is absolutely killer.
  8. Arcade Fire, Creature Comfort: My favourite song of the year so far. Perfect to run, dance or cry to – or all three.
  9. Waax, Wild & Weak: Such a massive tune, the glitchy guitars and huge chorus blow my mind every listen.
  10. Metz, Cellophane: Constructed chaos, noise and aggression designed to make you jump around like crazy.

Check out Wharves’ new video for Love Decide below.

-Bianca O’Neill / InstagramTwitter

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