Over here at The Second Row we are very excited to premiere Kate Martin’s newest video, shot by Oh Yeah Wow in Melbourne. The spectacular, dark ode to change sees Kate in a custom garment made by Alexi Freeman – who designs for the Australian Ballet.

Check out the video below – the perfect way to start any Tuesday, in our books – and read our interview with Kate after the break.

Oh hi there. We’re a pop culture website. And you are…
Hey there, I’m Kate Martin.

We hear you make music. Tell us about your latest release?
I do! My latest single is called Set My Life To Fire. It’s the title track from my upcoming album due for release mid 2017. SMLTF is a metaphor for the way fire burns but also purifies at the same time. It’s about burning the preconceived notions I had about how my life would turn out.
When I wrote this song I had been living in Melbourne for just over a year and I was finding it difficult to embrace the changes and constant transitions of life. I decided to write Set My Life To Fire as a way of channelling my thoughts and turning them into a creative outpouring… the central theme being the acceptance of things outside of my control.

Inspo is awesome. Who are your ultimate music icons/inspirations?
There are so many it’s hard to narrow them down! My icons and inspirations are broad. An example of artists who’ve recently inspired my writing and production are James Blake, Burial and NAO because they’re not afraid to be unconventional. Their music gives you exactly what you want but it still manages to take risks and make the listener think. I think it’s that essence of fearlessness in their music that makes them so refreshing.
In terms of my creative process, I try to block everything out so I can be in my zone, and then the inspiration will hopefully be there. Sometimes I like to experiment by recording a simple idea into Ableton and then really committing to that idea as a way of showing myself how a simple 4 chord progression can transform into something immense and exciting… something you never could’ve imagined initially!

The first album I bought with my own money was….
It was either Katie Noonan’s Elixir Live at The Cornish Arms or Doolittle by The Pixies… I can’t remember which one I owned first. I know, two very paradoxical albums, I have broad tastes.

Ok, that’s your cool answer. Now tell us what the first album you REALLY bought was…
Haha alrighttt… Avril Lavigne, Let Go

Are you heading on tour? Where can we see you?
There is another single launch on the horizon. It will be for my next single Autumn Leaves, which comes out this month. I have a lot of music coming out this year so I hope to be touring more very soon!

My fondest memory as a musician is…
I think for me it will always be the live shows where you get to connect deeply with the audience. Those pure moments really validate the hard work that goes into making music. Also some of my best memories have been made late at night in the studio or at home in my room making music, and then there’s that moment where you hit on something really good. You don’t know when it’s going to happen, but when it does it’s the best feeling in the world. It’s such a high!

On my rider, you’ll find…
Maybe some ginger, lemon and honey to make a tea with. My focus is usually just on the show ahead so I don’t really eat or drink before I play. Usually I don’t touch the rider until after the show. I’m not too picky, but when the option is there I like sushi and fruit salad.

If I was to play with one musician/band before I die, it would be…
It’s not something I’ve thought too much about, hmm. I’ve been trying to get my brother Henry to sing with me on stage. Even if it’s just for a one-off song. He’s got a really good singing voice that most people don’t know about. He’ll be so embarrassed I’m telling you this. I’m hoping he’ll eventually cave in and do it.

What’s the buzz, tell us what’s happening next?
I have a couple more singles to release in the coming months before the album gets released mid 2017. After the album drops I’m going to release an EP I’ve been making on the side. I’m very excited for this year to be the year I finally get to share everything I’ve been working on.

My iconic/horrific teen outfit/phase was…
A specific outfit comes to mind… I remember one time wearing fluorescent green converse high tops, three-quarter Billabong cut-off pants topped off with a burgundy beret… I always tried to add a hint of class to my ensembles. Yep. I’m at peace with my past.

My friends always tell me…
I’ve been told I gesticulate with my arms too much.

I know all the words to…
Not exactly relevant, but The Hockey Song by Stompin’ Tom Connors. I have my grade 7 teacher to thank for that.

Buying me a round? I’ll have…
I’m usually pretty happy to sit on a glass of merlot.

If I was a rapper, I’d be….
Myself, because I actually have a gangsta alter ego, given to me by my friend and musical collaborator One Above. My rap name is Big Wini because my middle name is Winifred. I probably won’t take it any further than that, but I like to keep my creative options open.

My lucky charm is…
I’m not really superstitious so I don’t have one.

The one word I can’t stop saying is…
I use the word ‘amazing’ way too casually, to the point where whenever something actually IS amazing I have to try and come up with a better word.

I wish I was…
Able to have seen Michael Jackson perform live.

I would never…
Mix orange juice and milk.

Keep in touch with what Kate Martin is doing over at her page. Compiled by Bianca O’Neill / Instagram, Twitter.

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