The problem with finding the right skincare for your face, with its own particular challenges and conditions, is that the majority of products are made with the average person in mind. So, when I heard that Hop & Cotton create customised skin care solutions for your own personal skin type and preferences, I was keen to try it out for myself.

Personally, with combination skin that fluctuates from oily to dry depending on the weather, I find it hard to use regular products on my face. Either they dry out my skin, rendering it splotchy and red, or they are too heavy, creating excess oil and blemishes. Generally I use very few products, because less tends to be best.

That’s where Hop & Cotton are different, however. Thankfully, cosmetic scientist Ee Ting gets that everyone has a unique complexion. After sitting down with her 10 minute survey to find out exactly what those individual problems are – and formulate the perfect skin care solution for my particular concerns – Ting created a suite of three simple products for me to try.

The experience is truly customisable – I could even choose the foam levels in the cleanser, and the thickness of the moisturiser, along with fragrance preferences. It’s a process that meant that when I started using the products, the texture and weight were spot on, and I could just focus on how well it worked for me – instead of whether I liked the way it smelled.

Over the course of two weeks, I found that the cleanser worked a lot of congestion out of my system – which did create some blemish outbreaks in the first week. However since then I have seen a marked improvement in my complexion, including a reduction in redness, as well as less of the occasional annoying pimple popping up.

The leave-on exfoliant was particularly good – it doesn’t have any beads or texture, meaning you don’t get that horrible ‘scrubbed’ feeling – and the fact I didn’t have to wash it off meant that it was one less step in my daily routine. The moisturiser was equally good, plumping my skin without making it oily.

The only product I felt I would need to add to this routine would be an eye cream, as my European complexion means I have significant dark circles that require a little more than the light moisturiser I had. All in all, however, Hop & Cotton was a simple and effective set of products that really delivered on the customised skin care promise.

The product: Hop & Cotton customisable skin care
The cost: The Foam Party cleanser $58, The Brilliant face moisturiser $168, The Smooth Operator exfoliant $88.
The promise: Individually tailored skin care products that are formulated specially for your skin type and preferences to deliver a customised routine.
The result: An easy-to-use suite of products that I found delivered on results – and at an affordable price point too.
The rating: I would definitely purchase Hop & Cotton products, particularly because you can choose consistency and texture to suit your personal preferences.

-Bianca O’Neill / InstagramTwitter. Products were provided free to the writer by Hop & Cotton, but no payment was furnished. Top image: Hop & Cotton.

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