Winter survival, beauty-wise, is a moisture-zapped nightmare. By the deepest days of July, your regular light moisturiser just doesn’t cut it anymore. So where do you turn when your circles are dark, your skin is sad, and your will is empty? We tried Ella Bache’s latest line of replenishing products.

Let’s talk under-eye bags, fam. Unless you have the time, money and energy to procure a facial every week, you probably have these babies racking up some serious ageing points on your winter-ravaged visage. Personally, I have the wonderful duo of eye bags AND dark circles, so when I cracked open the post to find a package that included Ella Bache’s SpiruLines Eye Lifting Patches I was very excited. They’re like a mini face mask just for your under-eyes.

Not only does the cooling effect of the wet bio-cellulose mask bring your puffiness right down, the patches insert caffeine and spirulina into your skin. So… can I get a version of this for my whole body on Monday mornings, please?

Now onto the Eternal + Night Cream. A powerful combination of Royal Jelly, acid spheres and micro-collagen, this thick and luxurious cream reportedly improves skin elasticity and firmness while you sleep.

I used the night cream for a week before going to bed, and I’ll admit my skin did look great after only a week of use. I usually find creams this thick can cause breakouts on my oily skin, but I had no negative affects at all – plus, the usual winter dryness we all experience was a distant memory. I’m not sure how it would fare in the summer heat, but for winter this cream is a dream.

The product: Ella Bache’s SpiruLines Eye Lifting Patches and Eternal + Night Cream.
The cost: SpiruLines Eye Lifting Patches, $34, and Eternal + Night Cream, $145, from Ella Bache salons, online and David Jones. 
The promise: Eye patches visibly reduce the appearance of ageing and visible signs of tiredness around the eyes. Night cream improves skin elasticity and firmness while you sleep.
The result: The eye patches showed an immediate reduction in puffiness and increase in tightness around the under-eye area. Only a slight reduction in dark circles. Eternal + Night Cream visibly increased suppleness of skin over the course of a week.
The rating: Would definitely pick up the Eye Lifting Patches to have in the beauty cabinet for under-eye emergencies. The Eternal + Night Cream is probably a little out of my price range normally, but would definitely consider it considering the good results and how little you have to use each night.

-Bianca O’Neill / Instagram, Twitter. Products were provided free to the writer by Ella Bache, but no payment was furnished. Top image: Bianca O’Neill.

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