Traditional Chinese medicine describes magnesium as “the mineral of beauty”, and considering the popularity of the mineral in beauty products of late, there’s gotta be something to it.

The two key reasons for using magnesium in products are reduction in fatigue for sore and tired muscles, as well as boosting hydration. Enter: The Base Collective, a suite of magnesium-enriched products that claim to reduce pain whilst enhancing relaxation and alleviating anxiety.

We were sent a box of The Base Collective products to test out, and here we’re going to focus on the bath salts product, as well as the body balm. As directed, we added half of the $14 package to our bath in place of the regular Radox soaking salts to compare the effects.

Although the bath salts were calming and soothing, we didn’t notice a huge difference in reduction of muscle fatigue, when compared to good ol’ Radox Muscle Soak. That being said, The Base Collective product is made up of 100% Magnesium Chloride flakes – without all the nasty Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in Radox and many other brands. So, it’s a good alternative if you’re looking for a less chemical-heavy product.

So, onto the body balm… This product is actually great for massage on tired muscles, whilst also moisturising your skin, especially during the dry winter. The dual usage ensures that you penetrate aching muscle with minimising magnesium, without the oily I-need-a-shower-now feeling of massage oils.

The product: The Base Collective magnesium selection.
The cost: Magnesium Bath Salts, $14 a pack. Magnesium and White Tea Body Balm, $42.
The promise: To aid in muscle recovery and relaxation using the power of magnesium.
The result: The bath salts were a good, if more expensive, alternative to chemical-heavy similar products. The body balm is a great substitute for massage oils to soothe tired bodies.
The rating: The bath salts were probably a little on the expensive side for the two-time usage, considering alternatives at under $10 for around 10 uses. The body balm is a winner for at-home muscle massage.

-Bianca O’Neill / Instagram, Twitter. Products were provided free to the writer by The Base Collective, but no payment was furnished. Top image: Bianca O’Neill.

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