We chatted to the latest monogram mavens on the scene, Neue Blvd, about the personalisation movement in fashion, thinking outside the box, and creating your own status symbol.

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Christie Turvey and I am the founder and director of online store Neue Blvd.

How did you get into design?
I have always had a passion for interior design, which led me to study a Bachelor degree in Interior Architecture. After completing my studies I moved to London and worked for Candy & Candy, one of the world’s leading interior design houses. Once I returned from the UK, where I had worked on several luxury residential projects, I was keen to continue working in the Design World.

What inspires you?
Lots of travel and lots of creativity!  I am very lucky to have had lots of great mentors during my life, but none more so than my parents. They were always passionate about working hard, and I have learnt a lot from them.

The personalisation and customisation movement is gaining steam in fashion circles – why do you think people are so excited about it?
People are really wanting to stamp their personalities on their interiors and lifestyles now, as another way to show of their own ‘personal brand’ and delve in a little self promotion. Social media’s impact on our lives has helped promote this – in one way or another we are all the world stage, tooting our own horns. It’s also another way to represent yourself, and show your true style, which has done a complete 360 and come back into vogue again. In the 1970’s it was fashionable to have your name displayed on the back of your jacket, however in recent times this was considered “lame”. Customising and monogramming has now been re-invented in a more subtle and classy way. It is personal and the ultimate status symbol.

Monogrammed products have been pretty ‘classic’ and streamlined thus far – what are you guys doing differently? (We love your quirky lightening bolt and cactus keyrings!)
We like to think outside the box and cater to the needs of our customers. We don’t consider ourselves to be a brand that is stuck to one line of products, we research and explore current trends, upcoming trends and deliver what we know our customers will like. It’s also nice to have monogrammed items that are a little different from other brands and allows us to stand out from the crowd.

Who would you love to collaborate with?
We have lots of exciting collaborations in the works. We are always on the lookout for brands and influences to collaborate with.

What tips do you have for up & coming designers?
Be prepared and be open to explore other styles different from your own. Trust your gut and measure twice, cut once!

Where can people see your work?
Head to neueblvd.com.au.

What’s next?
In the next few months we are launching some new collections and colourways. We also have a few exciting promotions coming up and a secret trip to the UK. Watch this space!

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