Touted as Melbourne’s first ‘Japanese pizza bar’, Sash is likely to provide an excellent alternative for those facing a two hour wait at the nearby popular Japanese hotspot, Mr Miyagi. However, unlike Mr M, this menu provides some of the most original fusion offerings I’ve ever seen.

Let’s start with the Japanese pizza. There are a few standard offerings for the not-so-adventurous at heart; eggplant, walnuts and caramelised onion provide a minimal challenge, as does the combination of pumpkin, beetroot and feta. Delve further into the menu, however, and you’ll see something truly odd: yep, that’s sashimi. On pizza.

Thankfully for us, tasting the Sash delights that night, the sashimi is placed on the pizza AFTER cooking. It results in an unusual flavour hit that somehow all works together, almost like a huge piece of sushi with dough instead of rice. It’s not going to be my regular go-to, but definitely worth the experience.

If sashimi-topped pizza isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be happy to know all the other bar offerings are delicious – and much more familiar. Chilli mayo prawn sliders pair perfectly with their Japanese-inspired cocktails, as do the spicy tuna tacos. Our top pick was the open poke plate; it’s as delicious as it is pretty, with another surprising element thrown into the mix – kiwi and strawberries. 

Don’t ask us how, or why, but it works.

Stay for another round of cocktails, and perhaps a macaron ice-cream sandwich, and you’ll probably be asking ‘Miyagi who’? After all, who wants to wait two hours for regular food when you can try something different? Sash Japanese is where it’s at.

-Bianca O’Neill / InstagramTwitter. The writer was hosted at Sash Japanese for the purposes of a review, but no payment was furnished. Images provided by Sash Japanese.

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