A fusion of modern futurism and Japanese culture is the best way to describe both Tokosan’s sleek interior and elaborate menu. Basically, if Hello Kitty became a hipster and opened a bar, this would be it.

The space has a cool warehouse/minimalist vibe that is juxtaposed with neon lights, a Japanese-style mural and brightly coloured umbrellas that hang above the bar. The outdoor courtyard continues the theme, with seats built out of palettes, underneath dangling neon pink downlights. The best part? Just behind the courtyard is a giant karaoke room including ‘90s disco lights. Yas!

Whether you’re there for karaoke or a bite to eat, you can’t go past Tokosan’s cocktails. The bar menu boasts delicious and unique cocktail creations that utilise tropical flavours like lychees, passionfruit and fairy floss – perfect for the up-coming Spring weather.

The best accompaniment to the sweet cocktails is the Japanese style tapas – including some of the greatest salt and pepper calamari I’ve eaten in my life. The octopus balls were another highlight, striking the perfect balance between the salty taste of seafood and the creaminess of mayonnaise.

The kitchen itself is positioned at the back of restaurant and is completely open so you can watch the talented chefs prepare the food with passion, precision, and technique. It even includes an open fire where they roast chicken teriyaki on a stick. If that fact alone doesn’t get you there, nothing will.

This latest addition to Prahran’s bustling Greville Street is perfect for a date night or a get-together with the girls. With great cocktails, delicious food and a chance to sing all your favourite karaoke tunes, you can’t go wrong with a night out here.

-Melissa Sugarman. The writer was hosted at Tokosan for review, but no payment was furnished.

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