Rounding out the reported Pitch Perfect trilogy, this new instalment is equal parts brutal reality and pure fantasy. It has been party to some pretty average reviews, but for this aca-fan, I felt it delivered on all the key moments you’d expect – regardless of repeated jokes and some pretty wild storylines.

Having graduated from university, the Bellas have fallen hard into the disappointment of ‘real life’; where acapella isn’t a career choice, and fulfilling jobs are hard to come by. Beca finds herself producing shitty rap songs for the FM market (and hating every minute), while the rest of the group are finding it hard to adjust to alternative careers. Perhaps having worked in the music industry, I found this storyline conceit a little too close for comfort – and my heart goes out to the person who had to work on Schapelle Corby’s new ditty…

An invite arrives that appears like an invitation to reunite, and the Bellas are disappointed when it doesn’t eventuate. Thankfully, Chloe’s military absentee father may provide them with an ‘in’ to the perform-for-the-troops circuit, until Ruby Rose’s all-female rock’n’roll band shows up. (Rose, by the way, is terrible as ever in this role, overselling her ‘sexiness’ and ending up as far from rock’n’roll as it gets.)

Cue ups, downs, acapella battles, an inheritance battle, explosions, Rebel Wilson saving the day comedically, and Beca coming out on top (as always). For those claiming that the plot is unbelievable, I say get a life – it’s all a bit of fun. I’m not sure what part of an acapella group having an underground remix battle in an abandoned warehouse was previously believable, but anyway…

If you were a fan of the first two, this is a lighthearted send-off to our favourite music nerds, with a bit of wink-wink espionage thrown in for flavour. Well, what would be the point if they didn’t mix it up a little?

-Bianca O’Neill / InstagramTwitter. Top image: Pitch Perfect 3.

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