Girls Trip sees four BFFs reunite after five years of drifting apart, on a mission is to re-live their youth and “get turnt” in New Orleans for the annual Essence Festival. And turnt do they get.

Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall) is a self-help book author who is supposedly “the next Oprah”. She works besides her athlete husband Stewart (Mike Colter) promoting her book “You Can Have It All”. Spoiler alert… she doesn’t have it all.

Her three besties join her: Sasha (Queen Latifah) the gossip columnist, Dina (Tiffany Haddish) the over-the-top wild child, and Lisa (Jada Pinkett-Smith) the divorced mother who hasn’t had any action in two years.

Ryan’s offered the position to be a key-note speaker for the Essence Festival, and sees it as the perfect opportunity to invite her four friends (aka, The Flossie Possie) for the ultimate girl’s weekend. However, they take it to the next level with some hallucinogenic absinthe, bar fights, and many, many drinks. It’s entertaining to watch, but can get pretty vulgar at times.

A memorable (?) moment is when two of the girls zip-line drunk over a crowded street below, while pissing on the pedestrians from above. The other is when Lisa’s one night stand gets grapefruit juice in his penis, while the girls look on and laugh. Yep.

It’s all fun and games until it’s revealed that Ryan’s life isn’t as perfect as she pretends it is – a surprise to no one, to be honest. With a little help from her mates and a little hung-over soul-searching, she realises that she’s a ‘strong independent woman that don’t need no man’… Or, in other words, a cliché.

Behind all of the booze and debauchery, the film does have a serious take-home message – don’t let anybody treat you less than what you deserve. It’s a nice sentiment, but unfortunately it gets lost amongst all of the cheap gags and smack talk.

This movie is best watched with a group of girlfriends and a cocktail in hand. It’s got some great one-liners, some funny situations and a bunch of celebrity cameos. The negatives? It can be extremely cringe-worthy at times, and you will definitely emerge from the cinema feeling like a basic white girl.

-Melissa Sugarman

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