In the most Sydney move ever, Gatorade are launching a new floating yoga gym on Sydney Harbour – you know, just in case downward dog on your yacht was getting a little too difficult.

The press release reveals that they’ve also hired the services of three fitness experts to stalk the floating yoga promenade (and provide adequate selfie fodder), but unfortunately Paleo Pete isn’t among them:

“From April 28 to 29, G Active HydroGym will offer attendees yoga classes with Amanda Bisk, nutrition classes with Luke Hines and high-intensity interval training classes with elite functional trainer Daniel Conn, alongside classes by Xtend Barre. Attendees will also have the chance to trial the new G Active electrolyte-water during their workout.”

The best/worst thing about it? You have to win your way there by exercising. Imagine all those bloggers who’ll be crying into their turmeric lattes at the lost opportunity to Insta #yogagoals and #blessed from the middle of the harbour? *sad face emoji*.

Bianca O’Neill / Instagram, Twitter.

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