Local dreamboat Jeremy Neale is helping us welcome summer with a ‘First Day of Summer Playlist’. Because, he loves us you guys. “Sure, everyday is your chance to start afresh but just like a good sitcom, it’s nice to break things down into seasons. I’ve got a feeling summer might be yours. With love from former late night TV psychic, Jeremy Neale.”

Check out his ultimate summer songs below – and listen in the Spotify player at the bottom. Welcome to summer!

Stevie – Toughen Your Skin

The top 3 secret government weapons of all-time are: 1. The Soviet Weather Machine. 2. Capitalism… and if they could find a way to harness it, number 3 would be lead singer Phoebe Imhoff’s voice. Outrageous melodies and killer production by Miro Mackie.

High-Tails – Family Holiday

It’s the classiest track I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a sophistipop revolution and you’ve got a front row seat. Pls don’t sell said ticket on eBay for an extreme profit – just enjoy where you are right now.

Sunscreen – Tide

Sunscreen will protect you from the sun, but nothing can protect you from just how great this track is. The riff, the dual vocal-play, the way it sounds simultaneously of this world and also not.

Bugs – Neighbourhood

Look, there’s a lot of #realtalk here in a very accessible package. The burbs are tough, I know. These are some of the most exciting melodies getting around Australia right now and the track is an instant party starter.

Self Talk – Bedside Dictionary

Look, I promised a summer playlist and this track sounds like summer to me.

No Local – What You Think Is Nothing

The duo of Snowy and Zac are responsible for a lot of hits. This track is no exception.

Totally Mild – Today Tonight

It’s a dramatic sonic journey. And I’ve been binge watching a bunch of TV at the moment so I know a good dramatic journey.

Greenwave Beth – Make Up

This track reminds me of all the whacky UK TV that was on the ABC when I was a kid. This description doesn’t really do the song justice. I’m sorry 🙁

Hatchie – Sure

It makes me nostalgic but it’s new. You do the math. Actually, it’s your day off. I’ll do the math. This track = a dream. Go back in time and put it on a 90s movie soundtrack already.

Zefereli – Round The Bend

The backstory is that making this record drove the songwriter mad but the pay off for the rest of us is a bunch of songs of incredible quality. Thank you for your sacrifice, Alistar.

Watch Jeremy’s new video for Dancin’ and Romancin’ here. His debut album Getting The Team Back Together is out now.

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