Everyone knows that a millennial requires an extra spesh level of attention when it comes to travel advice. Stuff like ‘where’s the best spot for my #fromwheremywinestands’, or ‘which corner of my hotel room has the best selfie lighting’? You know, the important stuff.

Don’t worry you guys, I’m here to deliver it all in a cheat sheet that should be over before your A.D.D kicks in. It’s because I love you. So let’s kick off TSR’s guide to Canberra with our first Instagrammable location…

#1: Lunch at Pialligo Estate

If you’re driving from Sydney, you’ll probs arrive just in time for lunch… excellent timing! By far the most #lustworthy location for your spot of noms is the sprawling Pialligo Estate. Essentials include the extensive charcuterie board and Hirramusa kingfish ceviche to start, and a choice between the 18-hour slow-cooked lamb shoulder and the whole rainbow trout stuffed with garden herbs. Or both. They look really good on those marble tables too… #foodgoals.

#2: Kangaroos and wine at Mount Majura Vineyard

Afternoons in Summer should always be spent sipping wine, so head to our new Canberra fave, Mount Majura. Not only can I guarantee the wines are magnificent (don’t worry, I tasted many, many glasses in the name of research), but you might also be lucky enough to don a pair of gummies for a glass-in-hand vineyard walk. You may even spot a kangaroo or two, hopping between the vines… now that’s an Aussie Insta.

#3: Check into QT Canberra

If ever there was a hotel made for millennials, it’s gotta be QT Canberra. There are selfie mirrors in the lift for god’s sake… and the clean-line, mid-century tweaked rooms are pretty much #heaven. Plus, mornings are as easy as they get, waking up to the sun rising over the city, then downstairs to Capitol Grill for a massive brekkie spread. If you’re up for a late night, make sure you pop into Lucky’s Speakeasy – it’s hidden behind the barber shop in the lobby. I think they stole that idea from Melbourne…


Arrive back at @qtcanberra, immediately remove heels πŸ’πŸ» // Hosted by #qt ✌🏼 #FashFest #Canberra

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#4: Instagrammable pina coladas at Highball Express

Still out drinking? You go Glen Coco. Well, you may need something *extra* photographable for your final Insta – and nothing will solicit as many heart-shaped stamps of approval than a lineup of the blow-torched Pina Coladas at Highball Express. Head up the back alley staircase to this Havana-themed haven of rum, and sip cocktails amongst the chic interior lined with palms. You can even walk home to QT from there… now that’s the perfect night out.

Bianca O’Neill / InstagramTwitter. The writer was hosted by QT Canberra for this article. Top image: Pillagio Estate.

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