Melbourne local Aeora knows what’s up; when we asked her to compile her ten best songs of 2017, she put together a killer playlist featuring no less than eight women. And in a year when #metoo took over social media, and Time featured women who fought the patriarchy as ‘Person of the Year’, it seems entirely appropriate.

Check out her 2017 best-of below, and listen to all the tracks (including her latest single Need You!) in our Spotify playlist. It’s sure to bring on those weekend vibes.
Aeroa’s Top 10 Songs Of 2017 

In no particular order, because holy moly this was hard to decide on… 2017 was a big year of good singles and I’ve probably forgotten about a fair few. 

Signal, Sohn
Those lyrics, “let me be the man I wanted to be”, along with that build at the end is so heartfelt and I love it.

New Rules, Dua Lipa
This song is so damn addictive. I went through a phase of just listening to this on repeat.

Crowded Places, Banks
I love this song because it’s vulnerable and really quite cute.

Bad Liar, Selena Gomez 
This was the song that made me think: ‘Okay Selena Gomez is pretty cool’. Each word on this track feels perfect. 

Sober II (Melodrama), Lorde 
I love the strings in this, and then the trap/rnb drums and bass that come in the middle. The push in her voice at this moment is really great also. 

Hard Feelings/Loveless, Lorde 
Mostly I love the lyrics in this one. Almost wish the outro piece was a whole new song though. 

Arisen My Senses, Björk 
Huge sounds with perfect lyricism and hugely innovative melodic ideas. 

Watch Me Read You, Odette
I think this song is perfectly thought out, and the attention to detail in her voice and wording is really lovely. 

Bellyache, Billie Eilish
It’s scary how young this girl is and how talented she is. I kinda hate what this song is about but at the same time, it’s crazy that it’s a huge hit.  

Alchemy, Willaris K 
My friend showed me his music and I was in love with the intensity of it. I’ll always love some piano in a song too.
Listen to Aeroa’s new track Need You on Soundcloud, or follow her here.
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